All Nations, One Prayer

Welcome, One and All, to First Light Shamanism!

This trauma-informed, spiritual-somatic healing practice safely supports the embodiment of your sovereign spirit and the unfolding of your unique path and purpose on the Earth at this time.


All healing and education offered through First Light Shamanism remains dedicated to the ascension of the Earth and the awakening of human consciousness – for the greatest good of All – in alignment with the unconditionally loving heart of the Universe – according to Free Will.


We acknowledge that our community is within the ancestral, traditional territory of the Syilx Nation and Sməlqmix Nation. 


Let’s breathe together.
One breath.
Breathing in, we are ready.
Breathing out, we let go.
May we surrender to the divine unfolding of our collective path,
yet claim our sovereignty in the same stride.
Shedding the old. Birthing the new.
Exploring the freedom to be who we are meant to be.
May we find our places of belonging.
May we trust our hearts to break open.
May we choose love.
Pulsing with the pure potential of this loving Universe,
In harmonious resonance with the Earth’s ascension,
may we find ourselves
sacred and whole,
again and again –
as we travel through the Darkness
into the Light.
we are


First Light Shamanism is part of an expanding network of love-based Beings that have the capacity to consciously span several bloodlines, dimensions, genetic codes and frequencies at the same time. Rings of Spiritual Council members rotate their presence based on the present time intentions of those seeking support.


The common ground of this collective is deeply linked to the spiritual sovereignty of All Beings – as well as re-weaving the Universal web of Love and Life with unity consciousness and heart-based wholing and healing.


Mari Abraham channels this expanding network safely and with consent. 


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><><Our Love Combined><><

These FREE monthly sessions are a great way to stay connected to a supportive, conscious community in service to the Earth and all Beings upon it. Sessions occur every third Sunday of the month at 7pm-8pm PST. The registration link IS A NEW LINK than the 2021 sessions. Please re-register for these monthly meditations. Bring a friend!! Looking forward to staying woven in the web of Love and Light!
Channeled by: Mari Abraham


Third Sunday of every month
7:00pm – 8:30pm (PST)
*waiting room opens at 6:30pm


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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My name is Mari Abraham. My common pronouns are she/her. However, in times of ceremony, my gender pronouns can vary from unidentified, he/him, they/them, I to We and back again. I currently live in the unceded territory of the Syilx Nation and Sməlqmix Nation.

I have been a Sangoma –  the traditional Shaman of South Africa – since 2007. You can learn more about my traditional training by following this link:

One year prior to my training in South Africa, I began developing my psychic gifts through Intuitive Mind.

In 2011, I was initiated into the teachings of the Rainbow Nations (medicines of unity consciousness, bridging, wholeness and belonging) and introduced to the realms of the Great Mother (medicines of compassion, mercy, genetic activations).

To date, I continue to experience spiritual teachings and initiations (personally and mass consciously) through my connection to Indiki and Indawu (including Earth Elemental Beings, Earth Guardians, Crystal Nations, the Mineral Kingdom, Ancestors, Grandmothers/Grandfathers, Animals, etc.) , the Abalozi (including Cosmic Guardians, Star Nations, Otherworldly Beings, the Realms of Angels and Archangels, Ascended Beings, Supernatural Beings, Plant Spirits, etc.), the Rainbow Nations and Great Mother.

In 2018, I began to recognize that my physical body (including brain and heart health) needed more support and protection in carrying this gift. Under guidance of our loving Universe, I was led to the practice of Somatic Sex Education. I immediately understood this was a missing link in my practice.

Somatic Sex Education expanded my knowledge of basic neuroscience, scar tissue remediation, fascial release and genital de-armouring. I experienced first-hand the beneficial effects of healthy, consensual, pleasure-based touch. These teachings led me through deep and profound trauma healing – personal and ancestral. This, in turn, led to a powerful and dynamic increase in my capacity to hold a safe, sacred space for others. Somatic Sex Education also increased my capacity to embody and empower the pure, blissful, Divine essence of my own, unique, multi-faceted Soul.

I have no doubt that I will continue this sacred dance of Being deeper and farther than I can even imagine!


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To receive upcoming and current information on workshops being offered, please add your name to our email list. 


NOTE: People frequently ask me what the cost of the work is.


Traditionally, one would ask for their own Guidance to receive this information. However, many of us no longer practice, live by or remember the old ways.


Out of the need to make these offerings available to everyone, while still maintaining a safe and healthy environment for my family, I have created a circle of abundance. Feel free to decide where you are in this circle without judgement or expectation. I trust the Universe will support us All as needed.



1. Traditional download.
2. Fair trade. (Goods and services)
3. By donation.
4. Stabilizer Cost – these prices are for folks who feel financially stable.
5. Generator – these prices are for folks with an abundance of financial security. These payments will support the work being done for those who go without, as well as finance expanded work in the mass conscious field.


Thank you! May abundance be returned to you. As you need it, when you need it – from all directions – manifold, manifold, manifold!




Stabilizer Cost: $150CAD
Generator: $200CAD
*For alternate options, please see Circle of Abundance above.

Shamanic journeys may include, but are not limited to: astral travel, past life regression, Ancestral healing, dimensional shifts, energetic alignment, genetic code activations, chakra balancing, auric field clearing and spiritual cleansing with or without the use of plant medicine.



Children, Youth & Adult classes available

Tuition: Negotiable


General Intentions:

– to support people of all ages in developing the empowered embodiment of their unique Spirit expression and medicine wisdom within
– to cultivate a safe, healthy, physically integrative bond between their bodies, the Land and the Universe
– to motivate positive change in relationship(s) – to self, others, All – by strengthening their ability to communicate clearly, set healthy boundaries and stand up for what they believe in



This trauma-informed class will include, but not be limited to: grounding techniques, trust exercises, guided meditations, land-based experiential learning, Spiritual and Ancestral connection/healing opportunities and embodiment education (general anatomy, basic neuro-science and breathwork.).

As the course progresses, education may also include trauma healing, sex education and extended anatomy to support deeper embodiment, stronger boundaries and healthier relationships.



Mixed-gender (including Queer, Two-Spirit and Transgender) people of all ages. This class can be offered to a wide range of ages and the content can be tailored to meet each group’s needs.


Cost: Negotiable


If you are interested in hosting a group session/meditation, a workshop and/or private consultations in your community, please inquire. We would be honoured to share our gifts with you!  

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✨Awakened Dreamer✨

Recorded Online Alchemy and Soul Manifestation Series

Designed to support your current transformation and High Soul embodiment process, this course will allow you to CONNECT with your SOUL FAMILY as you manifest your highest purpose at this time. Using the tools of activation, alchemy and shamanic journeying, we will continue to release what no longer serves as we deeply embrace the collective journey of co-creating and maintaining our Soul’s path and purpose in alignment with the Earth’s highest ascension trajectory. This course is protected and supported by the assistance of the ArchAngels, Star Nations, Ascended Masters/Mistresses and Planetary Guardians – to name a few. Join us on this 14-week voyage into the Light of Truth and Love and support the restoration of harmonic resonance for All Beings. Let’s bring our dreams to LIFE!

Recorded course is now available for only $99CAD. Please email me to receive the course @


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Sacred Grief – Release Breathwork Ceremony

In-person or Online – approx. 2 hours

Individual: $175
Two People: $300
Three or more: $125/person
Grief touches us all. Every one of us has a history of loss. Loss takes many forms – loss of a loved one, loss of community, loss of relationship, loss of connection, loss of self, etc. In our current culture, grief tends to be hidden in isolation. Often, we do not even allow ourselves to grieve. This can cause our bodies and minds to generate physical/mental illness, depression and dis-ease. Much of our collective illness, on a global scale, stems from inhibited grief patterns – compounded over years, decades and even centuries through our Ancestral history. Yet, when we truly allow ourselves to grieve, we open to a deeper memory of Love and Joy that can carve a pathway for a new form of Life and Living to unfold. What would happen if we disrupted our grief narrative? Instead of isolating in grief, what if we allow grief be a unifying force in this collective time of struggle? I offer a safe space for you to explore, release and accept grief as a sacred and necessary healing emotion.


“There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief.” – Aeschylus


NOTE: Some preparation is required prior to the ceremony. Please book a free 10 minute clarity call prior to booking this ceremony. Ceremonies can be done for individuals, groups/families and communities who are interested in healing together. 


Alchemy and Breathwork – A Healing Circle for People who Identify as Women

 – In Person

FREE series funded by Lower Similkameen Community Services Society.


Combining the teachings of Alchemy with the tool of breathwork, we will safely and consciously navigate a powerful journey of transformation and deep healing. Come to one, some or all of these circles for deeper health and well-being. Bring a water bottle, yoga mat, blanket, mug, journal, writing utensil and a friend! If you do not have any of these, come anyway! We;ve got extra. Tea and healthy snacks lovingly provided. <3


Date: Every Wednesday for 7 consecutive Wednesdays, beginning August 3rd
Time: 9AM – 11AM (please feel free to arrive as early as 8:45 to visit and settle into the space)
Where: The Yurt @ 520 Beecroft River Rd, Cawston, BC


First and foremost, I would like to thank the energy of Universal Love for the gifts I have received in this life.


Second, I wish to thank my entire family, for loving me just as I am and supporting me on this path. You are all amazing and I am SO LUCKY to have you in my life!


Spiritual Council! THANK YOU! Only love.


Finally, I offer humble thanks to my teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends. I would not be able to do what I do without your support and love in my life. Deep gratitude for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for your families, communities, the Earth and beyond. The world is a better place because you are in it!